Dance Party

bday watermelon cakeI celebrated my 63rd birthday on Sunday with my family. They planned the whole thing, now that Steve is gone. Since I am on the Whole30 eating plan, my daughter-in-law prepared a wonderful dinner of zucchini noodles with pesto. And since I don’t eat grains, she made a cake out of a watermelon! Delicious and sweet! My girlfriend Donna made a “regular” chocolate cake and my  family loved it, too. bday lincoln asleepWhen my son Brad asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday party I said I wanted us all to dance. And we did! Sid and Melissa gave me a karaoke machine and we had a blast. Once we used up all the songs, Sid gave me some dance lessons and we all just danced. I love that. We raised the roof right in my living room! We totally wore out the grandkids. Yeah, it wore me out too, but it was a perfect birthday. I’m looking forward to buying more karaoke CD’s so we can rock on. bday storm asleep

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