Decision Making

I spent time in Atlanta last week, meeting my newest grandson Miles. Last time I was in Atlanta I got stranded at the airport for a few days, and this time my flight was delayed due to weather. While I was there it snowed a couple of inches so the schools and churches were shut down. We had a nice visit indoors. My son and his wife have decided to move back to Utah next year. HOORAY! I am so exited to have them close by. I was very impressed with their decision making. Although they really like Atlanta, they decided it would be in their family’s best interest to be closer to the support and love offered by family and long-time friends here in Utah. Families are here to love, support, and help each other. And friends are here for the same. I’m proud of my son and his wife for making a decision based on what is best for their family. Fortunately, it’s great for me too! Can’t wait to see them again.

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