Update: Steve is mainly sleeping now. I have to wake him up every few hours to turn him over so his bedsores don’t get worse. But it is hard to rouse him. He can only talk in a whisper and can only say a couple words at a time.  I tried to give him his 8:00 PM pills just now and he cannot swallow them. I called the Hospice nurse and she said this is a sign of the approaching end of life, and this is probably his last week. I got the important medicines down him, and tomorrow I will crush them into yogurt to see if that works for him. He has a patch for pain, which is working. He seems comfortable and when asked if he is in pain he says no. Thank YouThis morning he got a big smile on his face and looked at me and said, “Thank You.” So sweet.

8 thoughts on “Decline

  1. Glenda, My love and heart are with you! Nineteen years ago I went through the same awful “decline” with my husband, Greg. How sweet of Steve to be able to acknowledge your 40 years of life together by saying “thank you”. I will continue to pray that Steve is not in pain; yours of course will be there, please don’t forget we, your family and friends are with you in spirit. Love, Jeanne in CA

  2. Thanks for the update

    How about meds by dropper? Hospice here does that or patch

    How is your daughter?

    You are all in my prayers

    • Yeah, we are switching to liquid meds today. Our daughter is much better and is going to stay with us for a few weeks while she gets back on her feet. She will help me with Steve and the household.
      Thanks Sonja. Happy Holidays.

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