While walking the track today at the gym I got discouraged because I’ve been walking 30 minutes a day for several months now, and I still get tired and winded. I figured that by now I would be able to get around that track effortlessly. My conclusion is that it’s OK to get discouraged, as long as I keep walking. So I kept walking. I walked with discouragement but did not make it my constant companion. I used to think getting discouraged was a bad thing, but really it’s OK as long as I keep moving forward and don’t let it derail my plans and dreams. It’s just temporary. Just take the first three letters away and it turns into courage.

4 thoughts on “Discouragement

  1. We all have our tired days and I am sure that you will have more energetic ones to come. Good for you for persisting and then writing about it. I love that you are sharing and I can not wait to read this book that you are dreaming of. Many Hugs, Pauline

    P.S. I read all of your blog and am very inspired…please keep it up

  2. Glenda – I am sorry to hear you are still struggling. I have had similar problems where I get fatigued really easy and am not making the progress I would like. I just have to remember the good things i’ve got and am still glad to be alive. I did overcome a lot to be able to do what I am doing today.

  3. Hi Glenda, glad to hear you are still walking; remember all you family and friends that are so happy to have you here to continue to inspire us all, we love you and will continue to carry you in our hearts and in your footsteps! I love you, Jeanne in CA

  4. True healing takes a long time….maybe forever. My own health journey is never ending but I have learned to pace myself and to see the joy of the moment rather than focus on what is wrong and why.

    I am glad you are thinking about a book..it would be a best seller.

    Hoping you have a good support system close by….

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