DO Something

Garden1 Garden2My daughter does yard work and gardens every morning before she goes to work in the afternoon. She suffers from bipolar disorder, depression, and a few other diagnoses. It would be easy for her to just sit and watch TV all day feeling sad, but I respect that she keeps busy and keeps moving forward. On the other had, I’ve been sick with a cold and an injured knee for the past couple of weeks, and I have watched a LOT of TV. Although I work part-time, the evenings are lonely. I have learned from my daughter’s example that I need to get off the recliner and DO something. But what will it be? I just need to figure out something that is interesting and useful, and something I can do that fits in with my vision issue, and with the fatigue that I hope is on the way out. For example I don’t want to do something that requires a lot of reading. This is part of my ongoing adjustment to life without Steve. I feel like I haven’t “landed” where I need to be yet. I do love working with nursing students at the University of Utah. I would love to go back to work full time but my health is just not there yet. The journey continues.

OK I hope this isn’t corny, but as I look at the picture of the garden path (above), I notice the metaphor. The gate is open and the garden (life) welcomes me to move forward. The end of the path is unclear but the journey is abundant and beautiful and there is much to be discovered. I just need to enter and trust. Yeah, that’s better than watching TV, which is a metaphor for watching life pass me by. Yeah?

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