Doing Great

Acupuncture 8 28 2015Steve continues to do better than usual. He finally got out of the house this week. Once for a church picnic and then today for an acupuncture treatment. I especially loved the acupuncture session because they have 2 beds in the treatment room. I laid down on one and meditated while Steve got needled. It was great!

On Monday we went to the pain management clinic and met with a truly holistic nurse. She was kind and caring, and a great listener. During the course of our time with her she asked us about mind, body, and spirit. She was not judgmental, very accepting of all of Steve’s responses. It was a wonderful experience. On top of it, she took him off of the opioids and switched him to Tylenol for bone pain. And it works!

We have lots of company lately. About 3 or 4 times a week someone drops in and we have a lovely time visiting. It really means a lot to us, feeling loved by our friends. It’s nice to reminisce and laugh and just be together.

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    • Yeah, he is going to do more acupuncture. The practitioner said it takes 3-6 treatments before results are felt clearly.

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