Drama and Peace

tai-chi-gold-beltLast week I earned the gold belt rank in Tai Chi. That was exciting. I can’t wait until I earn the blue belt because then I can wear the black uniform instead of the white uniform so I’ll look thinner (ha ha). Tai Chi has been a bit of a lifesaver for me. Going 4 days a week has given me something to look forward to, and taught me a lot about commitment, accepting feedback graciously, and pushing through no matter what. Last week I made the decision that my daughter can no longer come to my house. She is in a relationship with a man I consider very dangerous, and I must protect my family and property. This was a hard decision. I felt great loss and grief. During a Tai Chi private lesson I asked my instructor if doing Tai Chi was a good way to face the emotions and let them out. He said, “Let’s see.” So I did the Tai Chi form and felt joy and peace. Not what I expected! I think it showed me that even though there may be drama in my life, I can still feel happy and have fun. Life goes on.

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