Dreambox and Positive Affirmations

DreamboxYesterday I ran across a litrle card that was titled “Legend of the Dreambox.”  It suggested “writing down your fondest dream, greatest desire, strongest wish on a small piece of paper, putting that paper in a Dreambox and placing it beside your bed. Every evening as you retire and every morning as you rise, hold your Dreambox and think on your dream, believing with all your heart that it is so. Legend has it, if done faithfully… your dream will come true.” This is basically a way to use positive affirmations, which I have full confidence in. Every time my husband and I have written down our goals, we have obtained them. Even if we forget where we put the affirmation, or forget it completely, the simple act of writing a goal down is powerful. So here are my goals and affirmations, which I will put in a Dreambox. I am going to use a copper box that one of my sons gave me as a gift a few years ago. Wish me luck!

My eyesight has returned to its pre-surgical acuity.

I can effortlessly see close up and far away.

I am wide awake during the day.

I am stable when I walk, lie, or sit.

My environment is stable and smooth.

I am happy, healthy, and whole.

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