Dreams Come True

Last night I had a vivid, memorable dream:
Tart4I was out to lunch with my girlfriend Susan. After lunch, she bought a bunch of dessert, picking pastries out from the glass case. She bought me a yummy pastry, for which I thanked her. I thought she was buying it all to take home to her family. She had it all put on a tray and then she gave it all away to people eating at the restaurant! So generous! And she just did it because it was a nice thing to do! I laughed and felt very happy.

Tart1Then I woke up giggling and smiling and thought what a great thing to do for people. After thinking about it for awhile I decided to do it myself. After Tai Chi class I dropped by Kneaders to buy some treats for my son Sid. It’s his birthday today. I ordered a dozen tarts, 9 to go and 3 to stay. I would give away the 3 to stay. As I waited, I looked around the restaurant, a little nervous, figuring out who would get the tarts. I saw a lovely family of 3, which would be perfect, since I had 3 tarts. I saw a couple about my age and knew I would feel comfortable approaching them. And I saw 4 young women eating lunch together. Looked like a “Girls Day Out.” I ruled them out because I only had 3 tarts. A couple minutes later I saw them praying over their food, right in public. I thought how brave they were, and that they should get the tarts. So when my order arrived I took 4 tarts (Sorry Sid, one less tart for you) to their table and said, “Ladies, I don’t know what you were praying for, but you’re getting free dessert.” One of them said, “Well, from now on I will pray for free dessert!” They all said thank you and one grabbed my hand and looked deeply into my eyes and said a very heartfelt thanks. They were thrilled and I was elated. As it turns out, they were missionaries. I bowed and said, “Bless you” and left. Oh my, I was on Cloud Nine! It’s true what they say: Small things can make a big difference. And helping others makes the giver feel good. I felt great and laughed all the way to Sid’s house. I am still giddy about it. What a great experience. I’m going to do it again! Having that dream last night was a huge blessing. Seriously, ain’t life great? Yippee!!!

potato soupInteresting side note: When I got home my friend Debbie brought me some home made potato soup, “just because we’re friends.” Talk about paying it forward! I gave away some food and then someone gave away food to me. The circle of life!

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