The time I spent at the International Association for the Study of Dreams conference was fascinating. Since I haven’t remembered any dreams since my brain surgery, one of my goals was to remember a dream while I was at the conference. Mission accomplished! I remembered three dreams, titled Wolves in the Neighborhood, Are You a Woman of Your Word? and Unlocking the Shower. Now that I have some dreams of my own, I really do want to start a dream group. It’s on my to do list.
One of the workshops I attended was about exploring metaphor through photography. We were told to wander around for 20 minutes with a guidance question on our mind, and find something that is related to the question and take a picture of it. I was happy to wander in the California sun with my question to God: What would You have me do?

The first thing I saw was a red flower bud and wondered if it was about my own current life in a bud waiting to blossom as I adjust to being single again. I took a picture.





The next thing I saw was a tree with a dead branch hanging on, about to fall. Was that about me letting go of the old, useless things and ways of being in my life? I took a picture of it.





Then I saw some beautiful white flowers and my heart gave a little leap of recognition. That was very surprising. It was like the flowers had a message for me. And here’s the message: Instead of asking the question, WHAT would you have me DO, I should be asking, WHO would you have me BE? White symbolized spirituality and patience to me. I am on a spiritual journey. It’s not about doing – it’s about being. Specifically, being patient, kind, and loving to myself and others. As I shared my picture of the white flowers with others, many of them noticed that there were buds in the picture, which I hadn’t noticed. What I saw was how the flowers were wide open to the environment. Open to the possibilities. The buds are leaning to open.  To remember this lesson, we were asked to create an affirmation. Here it is: I am patient and kind and trust the unfolding.
I just love it when I go to a professional conference and learn about science and research and also learn personal life lessons. Perhaps I should treat every day like a professional conference…

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