Drink Lots of Water

water glass clip artA few days ago I knew I had something wrong but decided to flush it away with lots of water and other natural remedies. I could have gone to a physician on Tuesday afternoon but kept telling myself stories like it was all my imagination and would go away. The bottom line is I didn’t want to spend the money and time to be treated. Well, and you already guessed how this ended, I got super sick on Tuesday night, lots of pain, and my husband took me to an urgent care center where I was diagnosed with a severe urinary tract infection. I got an antibiotic and when the physician asked if I wanted pain meds I said YES YES YES. I spent the next day pretty much in bed or on the couch and I’m feeling well now. For all I know about alternative remedies, sometimes (okay, most times) I just have to give in and seek medical attention. That’s what integrative health care is about – the use of both models for prevention and treatment. I am glad I had a physician handy, and I’m also glad that I’ve got other remedies handy, and I use them both. And sometimes one works better and quicker than the other. I’m fine with that. Get it? I’m fine. And drinking lots of water.

One thought on “Drink Lots of Water

  1. Glenda, Glad to hear you are felling better! I remember you helping me at Pat’s in Arizona when I had a urinary tract infection. You gave me cranberry pills and made me drink cranberry juice; but I still needed Dr. drugs. It was kinda wired to read about you having a medical problem other than your head; how is that going. I pray that your energy levels are still up! I am having a cup of tea since it is 6:30 a.m.; but will have water for you later today! Love, Jeanne in CA

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