Energy Flux

SpockWhen I walked the track yesterday I noticed that I got dizzy at the same spot on the track every time we went around it. The spot was about 20 feet long. When I entered the spot, which I will call an “energy flux” in honor of Star Trek, it felt like I was walking into a bubble and had to “pop” through it. Then I would get dizzy and grab husband’s arm. Then a few feet later I felt like I was bursting out of the bubble again and the dizziness would disappear. If I was talking or distracted, I wouldn’t notice the energy flux. But if I was intentional about noticing it, I would. My husband tried but didn’t feel it. Today he is going to bring his dowsing rods to the track to see if he can pick of the energy and clear it. But I guess my question is: Was it “good” energy or “bad” energy? And how often do we walk through energy fields and not know it? How are we affected? I practice Healing Touch and am familiar with energy so I don’t doubt what happened.Anyway, it was kind of fun to notice this energy flux. My respects to Captains Kirk and Picard.

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  1. Hi Glenda,

    I noticed several years ago when I was Dx with chronic fatigue that listening to people–even on the phone for awhile–for more than a couple minutes was an energy drain for me. Doing massage or physical activity was much less of a drain; but point being–I was acutely aware of what would drain my energy at that time. I didin’t feel the same way after I recovered–thank goodness! Great awareness on your part!

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