cemetery markercemetery familyTwo of Steve’s sisters and his mom are here visiting from Oregon. We are having a wonderful time just being together with our family here in Utah. They were not able to attend Steve’s funeral due to weather issues, but they were here with him last August, a few months before he died. We visited Steve’s grave. I didn’t know the marker had been installed. The cemetery people had to wait until Spring when the ground thawed. I guess Spring has arrived. The cemetery is only 10 minutes away, which is  nice. I realized as we were looking at the grave that every person processes grief differently. I know what it is like for me to lose a husband, but I don’t specifically know what it is like for each individual to lose a brother, or a mom to lose her son. Relationships are complex, and as for me, I never know how I will react when I lose a relationship.  I hope Steve’s family is OK. Their relationship and history with Steve was different from mine. I am sure glad they are here. I married into a great, loving, supportive family. I am blessed.

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  1. The grave stone is just wonderful! I love the mustache too. What beautiful humans are in this picture! Please give everyone a squish for me.

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