It’s been 2 and a half years since my brain surgery. My vision is still pulsing, and I am plagued by fatigue that comes and goes. I’ve actually been feeling fairly energetic for a couple of months, looking forward to going back to work full time in May. Then last Saturday, out of the blue, I became suddenly too tired to finish my tai chi class. Had to sit down in the middle of it. Ever since then, I’ve been exhausted throughout each day. I babysat my grandkids and it wiped me out. It was, of course, worth it. Meditation helps. If I don’t meditate I really feel drained.
I’ve searched for information about post-brain surgery fatigue but there is very little available. My physicians say that it’s a normal part of recovery and may last forever. They don’t have a treatment for it. So yesterday, after teaching two classes on integrative healing, I decided to get out of the mainstream myself and see what remedies might be “out there.” I’m going to start with foot zoning. It’s sort of a combination of reflexology and acupressure, based on the idea that there is some stuck energy that is not flowing properly, which keeps me tired. I have an appointment this week. My exploration of non-mainstream treatments for fatigue begins! Wish me luck. I just hope I’m not too tired to explore the options.

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  1. FYI. About 12 years ago, I had an episode of Chronic Fatigue–really low energy. I decided to talk with a classical/constitutional homeopath–who really got me up off the couch, and with other holistic modalities–back to normal. Don’t know who is in your area or if it would help with the type of fatigue you have–but it might be worth exploring. Best wishes in finding what you need and sending blessings!!

    • Kathy that’s a great idea. I went to an energy worker a few weeks ago and it made a big difference for a few days. I will see if I can find a homeopath in Utah.

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