Fed By the Spirit and by the Neighbors

Family Christmas 2015We had a wonderful Christmas celebration here at home. Our children and grandchildren had a wonderful luncheon that was catered completely by my neighbors Wanda and Doug. I didn’t have to do a thing. We opened presents and just enjoyed each others company. There was a spirit of peace and joy, knowing that Steve was with his Heavenly family and reunited with loved ones. We will see him again. I’m sure we won’t always be happy and light because I imagine the grief will hit us each individually, but this time is one of peace and a sort of graduation to a new chapter. This family picture is the first one without him, but we will carry on. The love of a family is priceless.

handlebarToday my son Brad and I went to the mortuary to make final arrangements for the funeral. We had it all pre-planned and pre-paid but we had a few details to finish up. We decided to put a handlebar mustache on his headstone, and on the funeral program cover. Won’t that be fun? He was known for his handlebar mustache. I think he would like that.

Neighbors are visiting and bringing love, hugs, and  food. I was worried about feeding my family during all this because I hate to cook and I don’t want to cook and I don’t have time to cook, but my dear friends are bailing me out. Today we received soup, salad, rolls, pizza, cookies, and a complete roast beef dinner. Tomorrow someone is bringing dinner again. And my friends in California are sending a half a ham and a turkey. And on the day of the funeral the Relief Society is serving us lunch at church. This is just great! I so appreciate not having to worry about meals this week. Thank you thank you thank you.

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  1. So happy to see your community reaching out to support you and your family! Here’s wishing all of you fresh beginnings with the new year!

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