First Haircut

Steve Before 1st haircut 2013We’ve been feeling lucky that my husband has not lost any hair from chemotherapy. But he took a shower this morning and lost a lot of hair down the drain. When he got out, I tugged a little on his hair and a clump came out in my hand. He said, “Don’t tug anymore.” Like that will make  a difference. His hair is quite long and I suggested cutting it shorter so when it all falls out it won’t be such a shock. He’s very enmeshed with his hair; it is closely linked to his identity. So along with the nausea and fatigue, I think the hair loss will be a very big challenge for him. And I think for me too, because he won’t look like Steve After 1st haircut May 12 2015himself anymore. Chemotherapy isn’t just about physical side effects, but emotional and social side effects as well. I enjoyed cutting his hair and it looks great, but clumps continued to come out while I was cutting. I think he’ll start wearing that funny hat with the hair built in more often now. I have posted before and after pictures of him here. They reflect his hair loss and his weight loss. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “First Haircut

  1. Hi Glenda, Yeah, the hair loss is hard to do. When my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer 20 years ago, he had a pony tail that hung down the middle of his back. Since he was only 43 years old, his hair was still dark brown, with barely any gray. He ended up just shaving his head. The important thing is that Steve is healing his body with chemo, getting rid of the cancer and HAIR grows back! He will still be the cutest grandpa in Utah! Love, Jeanne in CA

    • Yes he is the cutest grandpa. Thanks for sharing. I like the idea that hair grows back. I will remind Steve of that.

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