First Week Without Steve

Last night on the way home from dinner my grandson Braxton said tomorrow’s Thursday, right? I said wow it’s been a whole week since Grandpa passed away! I just really couldn’t believe it. I would like to say time flies when you’re having fun. But actually I have been having fun with family since Steve’s passing. I’ve also been very busy. The clothes dryer broke the day after Christmas so I couldn’t do laundry until Wednesday when the new washer and dryer arrived. So today I am catching up on the mountain of dirty clothes and learning how to use the high tech appliances.  I spent TWO HOURS at the AT&T store yesterday changing the name on our account and setting my grandson up with a new phone. Life just goes on no matter what. The good news is today is a holiday so I can put off all the business stuff until Monday. Lots of accounts to change names on.
funeral Golden corralfuneral game nightThis has been a week of celebrating Steve’s life. All the kids and grandkids were here. We went out to dinner three times, and played games and laughed a lot. I know the sadness and grief will hit later, but this week has been filled with love and joy.I know Steve would like that. Right now we are all so happy that he is feeling better and reuniting with his loved ones on the other side. We also spent time cleaning out his personal belongings. I was so impressed that my kids did not argue over anything. I have heard some awful stories about children fighting over parents’ belongings. That just didn’t happen. They were very respectful of the stuff and of each other. I am so proud. And without them to help me, it would have taken weeks and weeks to get things organized here at the home.

Funeral table displayfuneral outdoors with umbrellaThe funeral was beautiful. We had 4 speakers: Yvette Amparo-Espinoza spoke about what a great home teacher Steve was for her and her girls. For those readers who don’t know what a home teacher is, Steve was assigned by our church (We’re Mormons) to visit several families monthly to just make sure they were doing OK or had any needs. Steve always did his home teaching and Yvette talked about that. Our three sons, Sid, Andy, and Brad, also spoke and each one brought a different personality and perspective to the pulpit. Our daughter-in-law Avery sang a touching song called “Till We Meet Again.” It was a peaceful, happy funeral and the Relief Society (women’s organization of the church) provided a yummy and cozy luncheon afterwards. Thank you!

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