Follow the Spirit

Clark HomesFor the past few years I have been spiritually drawn to visit the neighborhood in Flagstaff, Arizona, where I lived when I was in the 6th grade. Whenever I visited Arizona I felt strongly that I should go find Clark Homes, the housing development I lived in with my father and step-mother shortly after my parents divorced. Last week I had an opportunity to go to Flagstaff and spend some time exploring the old neighborhood. My friend Merlene was kind enough to drive me to Flagstaff from where she lives in Phoenix. I explained to her why I wanted to go, and she was happy to come along, without judgment. Well, we found Clark Homes. But it’s been 50 years since I was in 6th grade, so it really was not anything like it was 50 years ago. But we found it and explored the neighborhood. I expected something life-changing to happen, to explain to me why I was so drawn to going back there, but – nothing happened (that I noticed)! But I will say, I don’t have that feeling anymore that I need to go there. I am no longer drawn. All I can conclude is that sometimes, I just get to follow the Spirit without expectation, and call it good enough. Perhaps someday I will learn why I had such a strong urge to return to the neighborhood, but for now I am just happy that I followed the Spirit. Feels good.

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