Friends and Family

Smokey crowd July 2015I’ve known my girlfriend Carol since we were in 7th grade. That was about 50 years ago. She and her husband visited us this week from San Diego and we had a ball. While Carol and I went to Thanksgiving Point to see the flowers, my husband Steve stayed home to work on cleaning things out. Carol’s husband was looking forward to helping him. Sadly Steve did not feel up to it. He was very disappointed because he feels that part of his healing is the act of getting rid of “stuff” that no longer serves him. He’ll get there. He did some today. Carol and her husband arrived in their motor home and each afternoon they retired to the motor home to take a nap, and so did I. We are really getting old when part of the visit is a nap! Honestly, it was great! A big highlight was that Carol’s husband cooked dinner for us three times. Wow! Another highlight of the visit was our trip to Park City to see Smokey Robinson in concert. Front row seats! Talk about awesome!

We are blessed with wonderful, caring friends. And now in a couple of weeks Steve’s sisters and mother will be coming to visit and we are really looking forward to that, too. Steve is feeling tired and nauseated and has a lot of pain, but he has medications that are working pretty well. He is looking forward to starting radiation on Monday, to help control the pain.

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