Full Day

Yesterday was full. I took a 30 minute walk with my daughter. Then I took a shower and STOOD UP the whole time – no sitting! Big improvement! Then my friend came over and we went for a pedicure (very relaxing) and then lunch. Then I took a nap, which was frustrating because I really didn’t do a lot to earn a nap. Then after the nap I went to Occupational Therapy at University of Utah. I had a great talk with the therapist and will most likely return to work on Thanksgiving instead of Halloween. My vision is just not progressing like I thought it would, nor is my balance. I’m just hanging in there though. Will see a neuro ophthalmologist in a few weeks. On my way to a movie with my daughter now.


3 thoughts on “Full Day

  1. one day at a time…..hard to take with such an active person like you. glad you are having some good times with your daughter. I always was intrigued by her name…Pepper!! thanks for the updates. All of this would make for a good book!

  2. balance is one of thosur==e things I really took for granted. Worked with Physical Therapy on it for a few weeks. It is still a bit of an issue but I am quite strong now and am walking quite well. Would be interested to see what you do with this and how it goes for you. It amazes me the connections between vision, ears and balance. Keep us posted on this part of your journey.
    Hugs & prayers,

  3. You are doing so much! Hang in there and keep patting yourself on the back. Remember small fun steps and celebrate the “ta dahs”. Pauline

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