Get Out of Bed

alarm-clock-iphoneIt’s just so fascinating how I can teach a subject for years at college and not follow my own advice! I teach nursing students a class about sleep hygiene. One of the main principles is that the best way to promote a good night’s sleep is to get up at the same time every morning. Have I ever done that? No.  And for the past two years I have had trouble sleeping. Well, I finally took my own advice. I set my iPhone alarm to wake me up EVERY DAY at 6:30 AM. It also reminds me to go to sleep every night by 10:30 PM. I schedule 8 hours of sleep. Well not only do I sleep better, but I get SO MUCH DONE in the mornings now. It’s fantastic. I get my morning routine done which includes biking, meditation, studying the scriptures, eating and showering all before 9:00 AM. It’s great! I have a goal to get on my computer by 9:00 AM and it is working so well. I get so much more done in a day, all because I get up at the same time and stick to a schedule. I love it. It’s has changed my life. I just feel better about me. I wake up smiling. Now if I can only do something about the time I spend in the evenings watching too much TV and eating too much food. That will be the next thing I tackle. It feels great to reach a goal, and it feels great to be responsible for what I get done in a day.

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