Get Out of Your Own Way

Trip“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it” (Rumi). How often do we get in our own way when it comes to taking care of ourselves? Last time you had an opportunity to take a break or have some fun, what did you notice about your self-talk? Did you think that you were too busy, or did you feel guilty about taking some time off from your responsibilities? And then how often do we close ourselves off to love that is offered by another? Are we afraid? According to Steve Chandler, fear isn’t anything, it is just the absence of love. Let’s open our hearts to love ourselves and accept love from others. Let’s get our of our way. And take some time off!

One thought on “Get Out of Your Own Way

  1. Great post, Glenda!
    Today I had this come up. I was upset at myself for not working out. I had a plan to lift weights, but was tired and sort of sore from running yesterday. Instead of beating myself up about it (which was my initial reaction) I decided, it’s OK if I take today off to rest. So thanks for this great post! And reminder that in taking care of ourselves- our wants and needs- is really loving ourselves. Thanks, Love this!

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