Getting Paid to Eat Cake

CakeI visited a college campus yesterday and asked some faculty members, “What’s it like to work here?” One nursing instructor said, “I love to come here every day. It’s like getting paid to eat cake.” I have never heard that term before. It’s a metaphor for loving your job.
Now that the New Year has arrived, perhaps it would be a good time to reassess our job satisfaction. Do you feel your job is like “getting paid to eat cake?” Why? Why not? What changes would make your job more enjoyable? Notice how you answer that question. Are you pointing fingers at others who can improve your job satisfaction? I’m thinking only I can affect my job satisfaction. I can’t change other people. So here’s a New Year challenge: Choose one thing you can do NOW to make your job get closer to feeling like getting paid to eat cake. Then keep making small changes until you love your job. Or find another job that is tastier. Good luck!


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