Getting Ready for Christmas

Christmas presentsSo far today I have watched 2 episodes of Star Trek:The Next Generation, The View, took a shower, meditated, and wrapped 3 Christmas presents. The Christmas wrapping was an adventure. The first gift I wrapped made me dizzy so I decided to wrap on the table instead of the floor. From the table I dropped pretty much anything I picked up, so I got some exercise picking things up off the floor. And I am glad Christmas is all about love and giving, not about perfectly wrapped gifts. Because mine are not pretty.
I am getting better at meditating. I aim for 30 minutes and the challenge is emptying my mind the whole time. I probably reach that goal 10 minutes out of the 30. I think that’s pretty good.

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Christmas

  1. Always interesting reading your updates. The journey you are on is interesting….in terms of what you are able to do or not do and how important or not important that is. Being still and emptying your mind is a huge challenge and one that is still a challenge for me. Be patient with the process and perhaps, reflect, on what this journey is all about…….

    Peace and blessings


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