Girls Night Out


Avia, Glenda, Pepper, Avery

Avia, Glenda, Pepper, Avery

I was exhausted yesterday  but knew I was going out with my granddaughter (Avia), daughter (Pepper), and daughter-in-law (Avery) for fun. It was challenging to get the energy flowing, but I did it and had a GREAT TIME. So glad I went. It was a great break away. My grandson Marlo stayed home with Steve so I didn’t worry. We went for manicures and pedicures, then went clothes shopping, then out to dinner.

Avery, Avia, Glenda

Avery, Avia, Glenda

After dinner Avery colored Avia’s hair and they stayed up until midnight. I couldn’t make it that long, but there’s just nothing like a good girls night out to focus on fun and just let problems take care of themselves for awhile. Very rejuvenating.

Steve has slept all day today. When he woke up around 2:00 he asked for a bowl of cereal, scrambled eggs, hash browns, juice, and toast. He ate the bowl of cereal while I was cooking. I brought up the hot food to him and he promptly fell asleep. Yes, he knows I’m not a great cook, so sleeping instead of eating my cooking was a wise choice. It’s 6:30 now and he is still asleep. I need to wake him up to give him some medicine. My guess is that he will now be awake all night. We’ll see.

eggsIt’s about 10:00 PM now and guess what Steve wants to eat? You guessed it – scrambled eggs, hash browns, juice and toast. He has no memory of already having that today and not eating it. Well it aint gonna happen! He also wanted a bowl of cereal and since we were out of Frosted Flakes, he asked me to go to the store to get some. Our grandson Marlo went, and as soon as he returned I asked Steve if he wanted some Frosted Flakes and he said, “NO.” Are we having fun yet? Honestly, we interpret these as humorous events that actually sort of bring our family closer together. So it’s all good.

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  1. Glenda…it is good to see you smiling and having some fun….you look more the Glenda that I know. Happy you had some joy time



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