Giving and Receiving

Birthday presentI am amazed at all the totally awesome advice I am getting from so many people. I can’t even put it all in one blog – it happens throughout the day. I am thinking of taking a notebook with me wherever I go so I can write down these words of wisdom before I forget them by the end of the day! Sometimes I grab a sticky note when someone says something insightful, but most of the time I am busy and figure I will remember their “words to live by” at the end of the day, but I don’t. I am relying on my unconscious mind to absorb it all and make changes in my attitude and outlook. Here are some examples:
One friend said I would sail through recovery. That has placed an image in my head of a beautiful sailboat gliding effortlessly on friendly, calm seas as I recover. Ain’t that great?
Another friend said I was an “extreme healer” and now it was time to focus within and heal myself. And she is right – I have participated in healing for others, which makes me remember that healing is so very possible, probable, and inevitable. If I can support others as they heal, I can certainly support myself.
Jerry Sonkens, MD, the founder of SHIM (Spirituality and Healing in Medicine) in Salt Lake City emailed me this: “It is more blessed to give care then to get it!  You have done so much giving–try to be a good receiver!” Great advice! I think as a care giver it makes me feel somewhat out of place to be a care receiver. But that is what is before me now, and another lesson for me to learn – relax and receive. Thanks to all for your wisdom and willingness and support.

13 days until surgery. I’m excited! Let the healing begin!


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