Going Home for Christmas



Today Steve is breathing rapidly and his chest is rattling loudly. The hospice nurse thinks he most likely will die this weekend. I told him to go Home for Christmas. It would be OK with me if he passed on Christmas Day. We’ll see. We’ve reduced his meds down to two. One liquid for anxiety and one patch for pain. He seems comfortable but is generally unresponsive, with his eyes open. Our sons and daughter are spending time with him, saying I Love You and playing some music. I told him I would miss dancing with him. I will.

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  1. Glenda and Family,

    This is the best of times yet very hard as you are with your husband father grandfather as he transitions to that special place when he leaves his earthly body. Thanks for sharing his journey with us all. Know that you are loved and I feel so thankful that you have shared Steve’s journey. Love to you all. /Ellie Slette

  2. Thank you for sharing that picture with all who love you both so much. Will miss him and am so grateful to have been able to tell him so a couple weeks ago. Although it may feel like you are alone at times, we are with you through love and your sharing the journey. You have given us who will walk the same path at some time such hope. Thanks Sis.

  3. Dear Glenda and Family,
    I don’t even know how I came across your blog (I was looking at Fbook) We’re down here in LA on a welfare mission so we’ve been out of the loop.
    We will pray for Steve and you and your family. We hope he can be released from his pain and that all of you will have peace.

    • I hope you are enjoying your mission. I grew up in Whittler, CA and I can envision you there in California making a difference.

  4. Glenda I will continue to pray for Steve and you and your children. Praying for a peaceful passing. Sending you all our love. Christina Johnson

  5. Glenda, We love all of your family! Steve and you are such examples of love and happiness to us. We were going to keep it secret about the 12 days ornaments but after reading some of the recent posts we wanted to let you know that we’re glad we decided to send them your way this year. We hope they remind you of whose arms Steve is going home to. We love you!

    • Lisa we absolutely loved the 12 Days of Christmas stars. I decorated the small tree in Steve’s room with them. He loved looking at them from his bed. And now I will have them every year to remind me of the Savior and of wonderful caring friends.
      Thank you and bless you,

  6. What a blessing for Steve to return to our Father in Heaven this blessed time of the year. We are happy for him and sad for you that will miss him for a short time in mortality. God be with you til you meet again. Love, Mascaros

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