Golden Crisp

CerealToday was a bad day. The pain gets out of control. So many pills and yet his total comfort is out of reach. Yesterday was a good day. The pain stayed below a “3” most of the day. We can’t figure out why some days are good and some are bad. He finds comfort in eating Sugar Smacks. Well they’re called Golden Crisp now because that name probably sounds healthier. So anyway, I bought two more boxes and give him all he wants. He also finds comfort in visitors because they distract him from the pain, although a couple of days ago we had to tell some visitors not to come because he was too exhausted. That was hard for him and he hopes they come back.

The Hospice Nurse is doing a great job. She visits Steve 3 times a week and focuses on pain management and comfort. She laughs with us and expresses great care and concern. We so appreciate all she does. Today we entertained her with a dowsing rod demonstration and a discussion about dreamwork and  feng shui. That was fun.

I acknowledge that I need to take care of myself in order to take care of Steve, so I went for a Girl’s Day Out with my friend today for a little while. We saw the Goosebumps movie and went to lunch. It is so nice to be blessed with great friends, and to take a break together.

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