Grading Papers

remodel kitchen floorI returned Saturday night from my two-week vacation and basically I’ve been grading papers ever since. I had 85 papers waiting for me when I got back. I have plowed through those. I have to say, my nursing students are brilliant. And now I have 128 brief assignments to grade. My goal is to finish them this weekend. If it takes me three minutes to grade each paper, then it will only take 384 minutes to finish. Of course my other goal for the weekend is to clean the house up, which is covered with construction dust, and get ready for a big family get together for Easter Sunday. The good news is that my kitchen floor tiles have been laid.

steel magnoliasI just watched Steel Magnolias and couldn’t help but think about my daughter when Sally Field’s character tried to convince her daughter, Julia Roberts’ character, to listen to her and take care of herself. She said “Don’t get pregnant. It will kill you.” But of course, Julia’s character got pregnant anyway because she really, really wanted a baby. And it killed her. I had a long chat with my daughter today and tried to convince her that her current relationship has so many red flags that she should stop the madness. She said, “You’re right Mom” and went anyway to meet her boyfriend and continue with plans that are sure to end in disaster.  It’s challenging to see the writing on the wall but unable to protect our children who can’t seem to read. The love, worry, joy and pain that comes with parenthood is a never-ending experience.  l love my daughter and wish her well and as usual I will be here to pick up the pieces.

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  1. Sending you much love. Our lives are very complicated and nothing seems to take a break. I’m so glad you were able to give yourself a brief break with your vacation. Life is definitely a rollercoaster, it is inspiring to see people like you who are willing to let go, put your hands up in the air, and holler even during the scary part of the ride.

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