Gratitude and Awe and Potato Chips

Yesterday was challenging. I had an “episode” in my colleague’s office. It is hard to describe the episodes. My neurosurgeon called them “pre-seizure events” and he has prescribed Keppra to prevent full-blown convulsive seizures. The medicine makes me extremely drowsy but I hadn’t had an episode for about 4 days. So I was disappointed when I had one yesterday. Basically I feel like I am going to faint, I must sit down, and I can’t speak very well. It all goes away in about 90 seconds and then I’m fine. But yesterday I was nauseated and wobbly on my feet for about 3 hours after the episode, and talking to anyone while standing up was uncomfortable, like I was going to fall over. So I sat a lot.
DoritosThe good news is the level of support I received from my colleagues at work. Well, I should really call them friends. I work with truly wonderful, smart, and caring people. A few minutes after the episode I decided a bag of potato chips (I especially like the kettle cooked variety) would settle my nausea, which meant going upstairs to the vending machine. I saw my executive assistant (also known as the Awesome Master of the Universe) and said, “I need a babysitter.” She dropped everything and immediately escorted me to the 2nd floor. I just didn’t want to have another episode in front of our awesome nursing students so I needed her just in case. She was very happy to help and kept an eye on me for the rest of the day. I so appreciate that. In addition many other friends at work popped in throughout the day to check on me. When one friend heard me say that chips settle my nausea she gave me two bags of Doritos. And I ate them both. She told me where she stashes them at work. I feel safe and loved at work and am thankful for the support and concern. I also feel bad about leaving them for 6 weeks because they will have to cover for me and that will be extra work for them. But nobody complains. This tumor not only affects me, but all those around me. It takes a village. I live in gratitude and awe.
12 days till surgery. We can do this!

7 thoughts on “Gratitude and Awe and Potato Chips

  1. Hi Glenda,
    Just a quick note to let you know that my good friend, Jeanne told me about your blog. I love your focus on holistic health and living positively. I have been living with metastatic breast cancer for almost 10 years and have an amazing life! One of my favorites………”The mind is everything. What you think you become.” ~Buddha

    Keeping you in my thoughts,


    • Thanks so much for sharing Katherine. Great quote from Buddha. I do believe that what we think we become. Our minds are so very powerful! I also like that you are having an amazing life. I think we all are – the trick is being aware of the amazing.

  2. You do work with some pretty awesome people, huh?! Especially the ER! And don’t hold out on me….reveal where this secret stash of chips is!

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