Hair Brain

HairWell I try to blog about important updates but right now I’m going to blog about MY HAIR. When I had brain surgery a year ago the left side of my head was shaved. Interestingly, my hair grew back very curly. I didn’t much like it, but it sure was easy to take care of. Just jump out of the shower and let it dry on its own. No hair dryer, no curling iron, nothing to do. Boy, I sure liked that! Well, now that a year has gone by, the curls are gone! I’m back to my usual wavy tresses. Yesterday I used a flat iron and today I used the blow dryer. Not fun! I know this seems like a trivial matter, but I’m still a girl at heart and although I hate to admit it, I care about my appearance. And I’m lazy. Why can’t my hair just look great without any work?  The great magic question!

Now for the important stuff. My husband Steve went to church again today, which is a great improvement. He can walk pretty well. But he is having quite a bit of pain now in his knees and his left shoulder. I palpated his shoulder pain and it appears to be bone pain. I hope it is not a new tumor. The body scan will confirm it on Wednesday. I applied hot packs on his knees and shoulder, and he took some pain medicine and some anti-nausea medicine. I’m hoping he’ll feel better in the next half hour or so. I made him a dinner that he requested but when he smelled it cooking he got nauseated. I’m not taking it personally.

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