7 thoughts on “Hair Loss and White Tongue

  1. Hello there Glenda;

    About the hair falling out thing;
    My problem with that started on my trip to NZ (where I had an infection). I thought it was just a climate change deal (like you know – what happens to horses and animals going from winter coats to summer-now before you call me a horse’s a** lol, you are much to positive for that) so I didn’t pay too much attention. But after I got home it was getting worse. My pillow would be covered, and seemed like everywhere I went there it was. I kept thinking, what the heck? and telling myself well you’ve got plenty of it, actually even too much, so not to worry. Just got a couple of postage rolls of tape, rolled some around my fingers and gathered it up. Worked much better than a vacuum. I was doing this to my pillow every day and it was covered. By the time I went through my third roll of tape I thought I better take some action and bought a different hair conditioner and started leaving it on longer. Next couple of docs I saw I asked, like – why is my hair falling out? First response; I don’t know. Next one; it’s probably stress. Well I knew my body had been through a lot of that the first few months of this year. Then I realized I had also been too sick to worry what I was eating and realized my diet wasn’t so great, so a few changes there. Then I just quit worrying about it. It started to slow down and I focused more on other things to work on fixing with my health. Recently I accidentally came upon an article on line that was talking about losing hair because of stress and I had that; Ah ha moment. Seems to be pretty much resolved now. Somehow I think things just happen, like what you were trying to fix in the first place that started your journey. Then we think we’ll just get better if we do what is recommended and we proceed. (Or maybe even; it’s the doctor’s fault. He didn’t fix me.) But we don’t know or think all that much about the process and what that journey is for our bodies. We are so busy trying to get our life back and are in such a hurry. Well some things have a price and just take time and our bodies are miracles really that know how to fill in the gaps and regulate the paces even when we don’t understand at the time. So put a smile on your face because this too shall pass. And should it become a big hill to climb there are always those awesome multi-colored wigs out there & on-line and you might just get into a new and ever-changing fashion statement. Really don’t think you’ll need to go there though. Kudos on your amazing progression and rehab. Hugs, Love you…

    • No I never did. I assume my hair loss is related to stress but not sure about the tongue. It comes and goes.

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