Happy Anniversary


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Today our parents have been married 38 years. To celebrate they got matching tattoos across their backs that read “1976: Marital Blix”. Mom is doing well. She is excited to update the blog herself very soon. She gets slightly better each day and the helmet has improved her head spins dramatically. She is still super bored and appreciates all visitors that come over to catch up. Her short term memory is not the greatest, but it will heal. She is eating food much more regularly with the help of some superb meals from her friends.Tomorrow rehab therapy will visit and do their best to tire her out. Until then, let the celebration continue.

6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary

  1. How wonderful to see you both together in a place other than a hospital! Happy Anniversary and much joy to both of you!


  2. Very exciting. I am so happy to see you home in your own space. HAPPY Aniversary! Thinking of you and wishing you happiness and healing. Rock on! Love you..

  3. For our 40th anniversary on Feb 1st 2014 we attended Vance’s wedding in Hawaii to a lovely Japanese girl, Megumi. When you are well enough we will have to share some DVD pics. Rather a memorable year so far for both of us. Congrats to you both, this will be one to remember….. you in the helmet, home at last………. Hugs to you both.

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