Happy Birthday Steve

just-beI haven’t blogged for a couple of weeks because I just couldn’t think of anything to say. Thanks for your patience. I’ve been busy working with some wonderful nursing students. I’ve got a great job. In the Health Promotion course I teach I have begun leading students in a Mindfulness Moment for the first 5 minutes of class. It’s simple – we let go of the past, not worry about the future, and just sit quietly and experience the present moment.  It gets them ready for learning and they seem to really enjoy the 5 minutes to just BE. I love it.

Today Steve would have been 65 years old. Our family joined together for a celebration. I made burritos. I was going to make Steve’s famous chili but decided if I screwed it up, it wouldn’t exactly be honoring a fun memory. Our youngest son Brad made a video which will post on YouTube. Brad said he mostly remembers Steve in the last few years when he was older. It helped Brad to go through some older pictures of Steve as a younger man. It was fun watching it and remembering a life well lived. Happy Birthday Steve.

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  1. Happy Birthday Steve! He was just to young to go, so was Greg at age 43. We miss our husbands! Glenda, I will not be able to go to AZ; my sister, who watches Christopher for me, was given free tickets to go to Hawaii to see her son, Sean. Have a great time, I will miss you ladies! Love, Jeanne

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