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fingernail posixhThis morning I went for my pre-surgical appointment to get my blood drawn and talk to a nurse about what to expect. My sore throat is almost gone and I am visualizing being healthy and well on Monday for surgery. The nurse told me I get to be at the hospital at 6 AM with no makeup on, and no fingernail polish. Toenail polish is OK though. So when people are shocked at how I look without my makeup on, I will tell them, “Focus on my feet!”
Yesterday  I forgot to take my seizure prevention medicine and had an “episode” at work.  I couldn’t remember names. I made a call to a new faculty member to talk about where she would be working next week, and I couldn’t remember the name of the clinical site she was assigned to. I also couldn’t remember her last name. It is hard to describe how weird that feels. My boss asked me what his name is and it took me about 10 seconds to remember it. What fun! I decided it would be best not to drive so I got a ride home courtesy of two wonderful women who live in my neighborhood and attend my church. I got lots of hugs and well wishes from my colleagues. When I got home I was feeling fuzzy and nauseated and still couldn’t remember names for a few hours. I set my phone alarm so I won’t forget to take my medicine again!
I went to work briefly today to finish up a few things and now the weekend has started. Yippee!! We are going to a movie tonight and then I plan to relax the rest of the weekend and focus on stillness, healing, and the Peaceful Pelican.

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  1. Hi Glenda,

    It is Saturday afternoon in CA. It is hot & muggy & rainy; so happy cuz( the way we used to spell because in our high school notes to each other, hey maybe we invented texting back at Pi Hi!) we NEED the rain. I am keeping all the shades closed since Christopher is afraid of the rain. I love you and how positive you keep everything; “focus on my feet”! I have seen you without your make-up; you are a beautiful woman! My dad, the 2nd one that you know and your mom knew, sends his best and wishes you a speedy recovery! I left a message for you on a phone # I had for you; hope you got it. I have know you since 8th grade and loved you since I met you; I know you are a strong person, you will be fine! You are in my thoughts and prayers always. Avery will call Pat and she will call Carol, then she will call me. I will be in my classroom getting ready for school to begin in 3 weeks, but my cell phone will be in my pocket waiting for the wonderful news that surgery went perfect! I love you, Jeanne

  2. I had to leave work early on Friday and didn’t get a chance to wish you well or tell you goodbye. I’ve felt like a bad friend all weekend. I hope your sore throat is totally gone and you are super excited for 6 am to roll around!
    You will be so so so missed at work. I am going to have Glenda quote withdrawals! Can’t wait to hear the happy news that all went well and my favorite good nurse is on her way to recovery!
    Even though you don’t need it, here’s my wish of good luck.
    I love you, see ya soon.

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