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Steve hat4Steve hat5Steve hat6Steve is losing his hair rapidly, including his beard. His beloved handlebar mustache has been spared so far. Fortunately, he has a collection of 5 hats that have hair built in. It’s been fun because people are giving him a lot of attention when he wears a hairy hat. He wore the hat with bright orange hair to the clinic yesterday and one of the nurses thought it was his real hair. He was also asked if he’s a Denver fan, from Boise, and if he wore the hat just to match his  mustache. When he wore one in Reno at a casino in the past a lady came up to him and said, “Dance with me you big hairy man.” Several women tried to run their fingers through his hair. Very entertaining.

Steve is tired lately, and nauseated. The urinary catheter was removed yesterday so he can pee on his own now. Unfortunately the urethral pain has not gone away but we expect it to get better each day. He also has a urinary tract infection but he is being treated with antibiotics. He starts his 3rd round of chemotherapy this Thursday.

3 thoughts on “Hat Hair

  1. Steve, you are just as handsome as ever! I love that you had all those hats before you even needed them so you did not have to go shopping. I admire a man who takes care of his health, by taking chemo even though it sucks, to get well and continue to care for his wife and family. Chemo won’t last forever; until them let your friends and family help, just as you would help them if the roles were reversed. Love and prayers, Jeanne in CA

  2. Steve, We love the hats and your cool hair! Keep smiling and stay positive! May The Lord strengthen and bless you each and every day. You are constantly in our prayers. Love, Devin and Tracy Bell

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