Healing Balm Recipe from Aaron Dykstra

Here is the recipe for the healing balm/salve which Aaron Dykstra talked about on the show yesterday. Thanks Aaron!

Ingredients: (all measurements are approximate)
1/2 cup Cayenne – preferably the hot stuff: 180,000 heat units
1 pound ground herb
1 and 1/2 lbs of cocoa fat or any pure vegetable oil such as olive oil
4 ounces beezwax
Menthal crystals
Peppermint oil – (essential oil) must be therapeutic grade
Wintergreen oil – (essential oil) must be therapeutic grade
Eucalyptus oil – (essential oil) must be therapeutic grade

I would take a glass container, flat like a small casserol dish and cover the bottom with cayenne (at least a half cup or more), then i would put in enough oil to cover the cayenne by a 1/8-1/4 inch, then I would put it in the oven and if your light bulb keeps the oven warm leave it on, otherwise purchase a little oven lamp, and leave it in there to keep the oven warm with the cayenne and oil for a minimum of 24hrs, best if around 2-3 days so the oil has a chance to absorb more of the cayenne’s properties. Next you will strain the oil and cayenne mixture through cheescloth. To the equivalent of a cup and a half or two of finished oil I would add at least a tablespoon of menthal crystals, 15-20 drops peppermint oil, 1/4 bottle (15ml) wintergreen oil (this is a minimum, this is what really helps the salve penetrate and give that cool afterfeeling – I would personally add at least 1/3bottle but that is personal preferenc), and 20+ drops Eucalyptus oil, you kind of have to go by smell as they mix. Eucalytpus is strong, so dont add too much as it may overpower the other oils’ smells, but you will smell when it starts to be too much. Then you will shave in the beezwax (start with half an ounce and go up, dipping a spoon in after beezwax is disolved, letting it cool and then checking the consistency). Depending how solid or soft you would like it you will add or abstain from additional beezwax.

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