Healing Modalities

I am finally feeling “present” enough to actually use some of the alternative and holistic healing modalities I have learned. Today I meditated for an hour and used guided imagery to imagine a healing process for the cranial nerve that is causing my impaired vision. I also put a couple of essential oils (Thieves and The Shield) into my diffuser to treat my sore throat while I meditated. I find that even if nothing changes, I feel better about actually DOING something instead of just waiting for nature to take its course. To be clear though, my vision and fatigue should naturally clear up. It’s just nice to help them along, so I don’t feel like a victim.

3 thoughts on “Healing Modalities

  1. Good for you Glenda. I felt better just reading your blog today. You sound at peace with your challenges. You are doing a wonderful job with positive holistic treatments for your body and mind….of course you are going to heal.
    I love you, Patti

  2. Glenda, you are not a victum; you are a surviver! I am glad meditating and essential oils are helping you. Know that you are in my daily thoughts and prayers for healing! Love, Jeanne

  3. I have been keeping track of your posts. I am so aware of how far you have come, even though this part can be boring and frustrating. Glad you are able to use some of the holistic modalities. I am cheering you on! Take care.

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