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My 13th grandchild, Miles, was born today. He’s the second grandson born after their grandpa died. I like to think Steve had a going away party for them before they came down here to earth. This newest little one was born in Atlanta. There really should be a law against kids moving out of state. I miss watching the grandkids grow and learn. I hope to go meet him in person in December.
Today was one of those big fatigue days. It often hits when I don’t have big plans. Yesterday I helped my son with his business and the fatigue hit in the evening. I still forced myself to shop for clothes (Who wouldn’t? There was a SALE).  No church today so I just lounged around mostly, watching our church’s international conference on TV. When the fatigue is strong, I re-commit to going back to part-time work instead of full-time work next year. Then on days I am feeling energetic, I think I can conquer the world! But I’m pretty sure I’ll go back to part-time. I just wanted to prove to myself I can work full-time. And I can, but I also want to have energy to spend with family and friends, and doing it all is not so smart or doable. So next year – back to part-time. That’s assuming my chair person will agree to it of course.
Yesterday when I waited for the train to go home from my son’s business event, I ran into the exact same young man I met on the train last week. What are the odds of that? OK now I’m supposed to say something about synchronicity and “there are not accidents.” But you know that.

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