helpI am always blown away at how helpful people are when they hear of my surgery. For example, I needed to do some final edits on a textbook chapter I wrote about a year ago. When the editor Eileen O’Grady found out about my problems reading, she helped me by doing the edits with me over the phone. She actually wrote the edits and I just answered her questions. What a blessing! Another example is how my husband did all the Christmas shopping. And my friend Carol Lavender takes me out every Thursday. These are just a few of the people who have helped me. One of the great helps is the positive comments written and spoken by people. No negatives. That has been huge in keeping my attitude positive and hopeful after these 4 months of recovery. To be honest, I fell kinda dumb still talking about recovery because it has been SO LONG, but my friends and family do not tire of my talking about it. I thought by now someone would say, “Get over it!” but not one person has exhibited impatience or lack of understanding. This is a long road and I am accompanied by people who love me. Thanks!!!!

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  1. Hey Glen~
    You are an inspiratioin to me. Always have been. Probably, always will BE.
    I know we don’t talk or see one another much. But, I do think of you often and wish I were closer.
    I have seen you walk thru my door looking like death, itself, and you overcame that. You have overcome a lot in your life and you will get thru this, too. Hang in there. Hang in there. Hang in there. Know that I love you and always well. Hope to see you again soon. ♥Me♥

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