Holistic Nurses

AHNA Past PresidentsAs I contemplate Nurses Week, I am reminded of the many nurses I have met while I have been involved with the American Holistic Nurses Association. I came across this picture of three past presidents of AHNA: Veda Andrus, Deanne Aime, and Lynn Keegan. I will soon join the ranks of past presidents and feel inadequate and humbled to be in their company. Their servant-leadership is transformational  and I so admire their energy, love and dedication to improving nursing care for all. We can all be leaders in our own way, with our own style, and with a profound influence. It is time for nurses to find our voices and speak our truth. Thanks to all nurses. We are all leaders.

One thought on “Holistic Nurses

  1. Glenda,
    Great post. Great point- we can all be leaders in our own way. This is so true. When we are authentic, come from our true voice- things flow.Things are beautiful. Things are easy. Things are healthy. Then and really then can we help another. I am so glad for all of the nurses out there doing what they do in each and every capacity! I am so grateful to be a nurse! Thank you so much, Happy Nurses Week!!

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