Home At Last :)

IMG_1422Mom, sporting an awesome incision, 32 staples, and a confident smirk the day after surgery. Dr. Schmidt remarked that, despite being under heavy anesthesia, mom had actually woken up several times during her final surgery in the OR. Each time whispering what Dr. S described as “childish, condescending knock knock jokes”, then immediately pretending to fall back asleep…

“Knock knock. Who’s there? Europe. Europe who? No, you’re a poo!”

“Knock knock. Who’s there? Madam. Madam who? Madam skull is still in pieces, we gonna wrap this up sometime today, doc!?!”

…she’s still got it.



The good news is: her hair will grow back right over the incision. The bad news is: they had to re-route hair follicles from her armpits in order to make that happen.


Home! Comfort level increase: +5000. Uncomfortable stare level increase: +6000
(trust me, he is actually smiling under all that fur…or plotting our demise)


From night of the living dead (and I mean that respectfully)…to Dean of a Nursing College, in a single brush stroke.


Pepper has been coming over every day before work. Kathryn has also been spending a lot of time with my mom. Marlo has been acting as my mom’s own personal at-home male nurse; taking very good care of her every day since she’s been home. And grandpa covers the evening shifts each night after work.

The double vision still persists and may take up to a year for it to fully remedy itself. The blurred tape on my mom’s glasses helps with this, and is rotated from eye to eye each day.


5 thoughts on “Home At Last :)

  1. Glenda and family,
    So HAPPY you are home and your last surgery is over! I will call soon, can’t wait to hear your voice! Love & prayers, Jeanne

  2. Hey Glenda, You look so beautiful! I am so glad that you are home and with your family! Still praying for double vision to GO AWAY! Love and prayers, Jeanne

  3. So good to see you are at home, Glenda, and glad your family is taking care of you. I am sure you will be back doing all you desire shortly. But take your time so that everything works out well for you.

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