Just BecauseIt’s been a little over 9 months since my meningioma surgery. I saw my eye socket surgeon today. I thought he would schedule surgery to repair the area where bone is missing in my left eye socket.I wasn’t feeling very good about that and was wondering why. However, he chose to be conservative and give me 3 more months to heal. We are waiting for scar tissue to form to buffer my eye against my brain’s pulse, and it usually takes 9-12 months for that to happen. I asked why it seems worse now than it was when I saw him 3 months ago. He said scar tissue is forming, but it will seem fairly sudden when I notice the pulsing has stopped. He wants to see me the end of August to re-assess, and schedule surgery if needed. About 70% of his patients like me don’t need the surgery. This gave me a lot of hope that I will in fact heal on my own and not need surgery. It’s also giving me more practice at being patient!

I asked the eye socket surgeon if the fatigue I have could be related to my vision disturbance. He said no it was most likely related to  the brain surgery, and some people take as long as 2 years to get over the fatigue. The brain takes time to recover from trauma. His words were comforting because I just figured my energy would be back to 100% by now, but I am tired all day pretty much every day. Once again, I have hope now that this will clear up on its own. And I get to be patient.

I left the surgeon’s office feeling hopeful, optimistic, and a little elated to know that healing is probably around the corner. I am planning to use positive affirmations and thoughts to help the healing process. I am reading Your Body Believes Every Word You Say by Barbara Levine and I will use some of her techniques to promote self-healing. Plus I’ll keep praying.



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