Husband Update

My husband Steve is being well taken care of at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital. He is struggling to get the urinary tract infection under control. He has chills a few times a day and on Thursday night his temperature went to 107! This morning he had chills but no fever. The concern is that the infection will spread throughout his body (septicemia) so they are watching him carefully. His kidneys are not functioning at 100% so they are watching that closely. I am hoping he will come home today, since it’s my birthday and that would be a great present. Above all this he remains positive and active – when I arrived yesterday it took a long time to find him because he was walking around, dragging his two IV poles along for the ride.

5 thoughts on “Husband Update

  1. Hi Steve and Glenda;

    Sorry you are having such health struggles and life challenges. I can just picture Steve taking two poles and doing the hall marathons. It was a UTI with borderline septicemia that ended me in ICU last year and mega steroids to get out. I can’t imagine the nightmare of chemo then this kind of infection to battle. The fatigue is haunting and makes everyday little activities exhausting. Steve is so brave and courageous to be out of bed up and about challenging the illness and working so hard to get strong and well. Rock on. Proud of you..

  2. So sorry to hear that Steve has some increased health challenges….not a wonderful way to spend your birthday. Happy Birthday anyway and I hope your family has a cake for you and remembers with cards and love or whatever makes you know and feel joy.



  3. Love to you all and Happy B-Day little sister. Sounds like you both are doing all possible to stay in the moment and keep on doing all possible to keep your attitudes where you prefer to be. One foot in front of the other eventually gets you to the destination you chose. Am keeping your names on the Temple Prayer Rolls and, of course, our personal prayers.

  4. Appreciate you continued sharing. Sending you VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES and know that that great birthing energy will help with all that is going one. Tons of love, Linda

  5. I am just seeing this today. I hope you had a good birthday and that he either got home yesterday or maybe today. Thinking about both of you and your family.

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