I Can Live with That

While riding the train to work last week I sat next to an almost professional boxer. It was so interesting learning about his rigorous training schedule. Sadly, his trainer, a world renowned former boxer himself, got sick and had to leave the state for awhile. My new boxer friend found a new trainer, who he did not like, so he quit training. He cancelled his first professional boxing competition, and will wait until his trainer gets well and comes back to Utah. This reminds me about the blog I wrote concerning plans and how I don’t usually make specific plans but things work out. But sometimes plans just don’t work out. Like how I have been planning to work full-time until retirement. And how my husband and I were planning to be missionaries together in our later years. Hmmm… is that why I don’t write things down and stick to a plan – because I’m afraid they won’t turn out? I don’t know. I do know my new boxer friend was very disappointed, not knowing what to do because he was depending on his trainer to get him started on his career. Now that the trainer is gone, what will he do? He got off the train before I could ask him that question. OK… as I write this I realize that I’m still not a planner. I figure that if plan A doesn’t work there is always a plan B lurking in my unconscious mind. I just don’t want to take the time to write down all the plans and all the contingencies. I really do like to let life unfold without too much structure or analysis. I like to live in curiosity and surprise. Yeah, things don’t always work out, but I can live with that.

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