I Drove the Freeway!

car cartoon1Yippee!!! I drove on the FREEWAY this week. TWICE! I advise you to stay off the roads. The good news is I can most likely take Steve to his appointments across town now. The bad news is poor Steve has to be my passenger. My driving confidence is not the greatest, but I can do it. From the passenger seat he constantly assesses my speed. That’s probably a good idea. Because I can drive more now, I  had lunch with my former colleagues at Fortis College yesterday and had a great time. Having friends really sustains me. There’s nothing like chatting with a good friend and just “being.”

Steve is feeling great. As a matter of fact he is outside pulling weeds and digging in the garden. I did some too but he definitely outlasted me. So far chemotherapy has not really affected him all that much. Yahoo! WE are blessed.

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