I Walk My Talk

Today was quite the experience for me to learn to “walk my talk.” When my alarm went off at 6AM  I woke up tired and achy. That sometimes happens since my brain surgery. I just got up and got ready for work and then meditated, which usually banishes the fatigue. I went to work, meeting with nursing students at their clinical sites, and felt great. When I got home I ate lunch, meditated, and then graded papers. While reading the computer screen I became exquisitely exhausted and achy again.  To cope, I had a snack outside thinking that would perk me up. It didn’t. So I finally decided to rest on the couch in the living room, feeling irritated (I have a lot to do!). That didn’t perk me up either. So I gave in and meditated again on my bed. I began to feel that today would be a bit of a loss, but that’s OK I could deal with it.  Then I thought that I should just stop meditating, get up, and lift some weights and if that wiped me out I would lay back down. It was a little scary because I did not want to push myself above a reasonable limit. Well, I lifted the weights and ta da! I felt fine. With all the teaching I do about positive thinking, guess what? It works. After lifting weights I continued to grade papers and narrated a PowerPoint presentation and I feel just fine. It  was worth the effort.  I just did not want to lay in bed feeling sorry for myself. Not cool! I am feeling a little achy right now as I write this, so maybe I will go DO SOMETHING.

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