In the Shadow of Nightingale

Florence NIghtingaleIn honor of National Nurses Week I have been looking at some pictures of nurses and came across this one of an attendee at the 2009 American Holistic Nurses Association conference in Madison, Wisconsin.  I assume she is a nurse. As I view the photo I am struck by how the shadow on the wall reminds me of Florence Nightingale. Nightingale was a statistician and prolific writer and this photo evokes the spirit of scholarly inquiry and reform that Nightingale represented. Nurses not only help the helpless and give hope to the hopeless, we base our care on sound evidence. I am indebted to those nurses who have gone before me and in whose shadow I practice. Please join me in participating in a Nightingale Moment on May 12 at noon your time. Perhaps just take a breath and give thanks to those who have done so much to improve all of our lives.

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