I have spent a lot of time watching the news about Hurricane Irma approaching Florida. I was in Florida in June and am so sad to hear about the upcoming disaster in the beautiful, friendly state. I was on my way to Florida in March for a nursing conference when I got stranded in the Atlanta airport for 8 hours due to bad weather. I got a hotel and was unable to re-book my flight to Florida. So I ended up visiting my son and his family in Atlanta longer than planned. It was great. But now as I watch the Irma news, I can’t help but worry about my son and his family in Atlanta, which is close to the hurricane. Apparently the stores in Atlanta are sold out of water and gas lines are long. Tornadoes may occur. Power outages are expected. My son said he is all stocked up with provisions and I shouldn’t worry. His wife is 8 months pregnant. He has a 2-year-old and a 3-year-old. So yeah I’m going to worry until this thing is over and they’re all OK. I’m not overwhelmed with worry because the odds are that they’ll be fine. But this just reminds me how precious life is and how things can change in a heartbeat.  And how it’s easy to watch a disaster unfold in the comfort of my own home. Having someone so close to the action is in fact not very comfortable. Best wishes and prayers to everyone.

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