Last week my husband Steve had an MRI to confirm the bone scan results that the bladder cancer has spread to his pelvic bones. Results confirmed. He also probably has very small tumors in his lungs. The oncologist suggested 4 more rounds of chemotherapy to prolong life. She said statistics showed that with chemotherapy Steve would probably live over a year. Without chemotherapy he would probably live less than a year. Steve chose to stop chemotherapy and use the natural remedies he has, and focus on healing. What he has read about cancer says the immune system can kill it. Since chemotherapy lowers immunity, it seems counterproductive at this point.I support his decision. So now things have changed for us. Instead of going to physicians’ offices and chemotherapy all the time, his next oncology appointment is in 2 weeks. So what do we do with this extra time?  With the suggestion of Peggy Burkhardt (immediate past president of AHNA) we are going to focus on what brings us joy. It can be small things, like the garden or a funny joke, or large things like vacations. Interestingly, we both agree that cleaning the house will bring us joy. Maybe not the act of cleaning, but once it’s clean, it will be joyful. So now I think it is time to create choice memories, which will always be with us. We should have been doing this all along. Stay tuned.

Lincoln iPhoneOne example of joy is when my 2-year-old grandson Lincoln gets ahold of my iPhone and takes a zillion pictures of himself. He cracks me up.

8 thoughts on “Joy

  1. Thinking of you and sending you and your husband healing thoughts and energy!

  2. I am seeing more and more individuals taking the route of quality versus quantity… every moment with cs. awareness and joy.

    Peace and blessings to both of you


  3. I am sending all manner of sunshine and hugs. If, in following your joy, you find yourselves anywhere near Lake Tahoe, please come stay with me. If its the two of you or the whole family, we will find a place for everyone to sleep.

    On another note, I feel like the two of you have an amazing book to be written in the journey you have both been and are on.

    • Wendy we love Lake Tahoe. We have been there a few times and it has a special spirit to it. We have also spent time in Reno at the BBQ Rib Fest. Yum! Thanks for the offer. And thanks for the sunshine and hugs.

  4. So proud of the decision Steve made. The choice to live to the fullest each day will certainly be much more exciting. I know he has your full support on this journey. Know the family is here if you should desire anything we can provide. Love, Gail

  5. Dear Glenda, What a cutie Lincoln is! I am sending you and Steve prayers for healing and lots of moments of joy- Blessings my friend~

    The moment on the diving board
    Before making a splash
    Opening the clothes dryer
    And finding extra cash-
    Doing yoga with the dog
    Dancing with a child
    An honoring of spirit
    Joyous, free, and wild~

    Jen Reich
    Phoenix, AZ 5-30-14

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